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iPhone 8 plus glass battery cover/ housing on iPhone 7 plus?

Hey everyone! So here's my question.(lol) Will the glass battery cover/housing from an iPhone 8 plus FIT & WORK properly and correctly on an iPhone 7 plus??? I’m hoping& praying that the answer to my question is YES & YES! Lol because I'd personally much rather have an iPhone 8 plus glass battery cover on my iPhone 7 plus than the “lame-o” metal battery cover that originally come on the i7 plus' lol. ANY and ALL answers, comments, input is greatly appreciated. Have a good day everyone

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That will absolutely not fit. That being said, I see there are som china copy housings available for your model with a glass backside on Ebay. I would be skeptical about the quality of those, but if its important to you, you could give it a go.

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Ok cool thanks for the info! After a couple hours of research and whatnot, I just decided to upgrade my device to the iPhone XR! Thanks again sir


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