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A home audio speaker for iPod by Bowers and Wilkins introduced in 2007.

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B&W A7 AirPlay audio board repair?

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My B&W AirPlay a7 was working fine until the day it called it quits.

Now I am having a red blinking led.

After the teardown of the device the dsp board has a burned area under the thermal compound.

What I need to ask is if there is a complete dsp board as a spare part or what is the number of this part.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thaks for listening.

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Hi Anthony

Although your post is of some time ago ...

I am just working on my 2nd B&W A7 repair. This one seems to have the same issue as yours. I also noticed burn marks in the white thermal pad that touches to the bottom side of the Amplifier PCB. See picture:

Block Image

However, when I look at the section of the Amplifier PCB that touches the thermal pad, I cannot see any burned/damaged component. See picture:

Block Image

You have the damage between Mosfet's Q15 and Q20. My burn marks are between Mosfet Q25 and Q30.

Where are you now with the repair?
Have you been able to solve it?

My questions

Does anyone:

  1. Know what component L38 is? (type/values)
  2. Have a list of all components of the A7?
  3. Have the electronics schematics?

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bought a used A7 with psu damage and i replace the audio board.

it is working fine now for more than a year.


Thanks for responding Anthony.

Are you into the electronics of these products/capable of repair on component level?


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