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Phone has no touch after screen replacement IOS12

We did a screen replacement on a iPhone 8 plus, and now it does not have any touch. It is running on IOS 12 and we have tried multiple screen replacements with the same issue. Checked out the board nothing is bent and everything looks as normal as it should. Anyone else heard of this issue?

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Are you using an OEM/Original/Premium screen for the replacement? If so, keep on reading…

The 7/8 series screens are made by several manufacturers (Toshiba, LG, Sharp) and each phone is calibrated to the screen it has installed. It’s important not to mix and match screens. So for example, if your phone has an LG screen, you should replace it with an LG screen. The only way to know this is to look at the code on the backlight panel. Check out this blog (not affiliated) to learn more. However, even though you have a screen with the same code, it may still be a franken-screen. Lots of refurbish shops mix and match an LCD from one vendor, a touchscreen from another and possibly a backlight from another still. All you can identify is the backlight. This issue seems to be more prevalent on the Plus devices.

When replacing original quality screens, you should be using an ALS programmer to copy over the data from the original screen to the replacement screen. While this is primarily for the ALS sensor, it also helps with the Touch.

Curiously enough, the aftermarket screens don’t suffer from this issue at all. Unfortunately, they tend to have bland colours. A good alternative is an in-cell technology screen. They don’t have the touch issues and have great colours and are less expensive than OEM screens.

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it is a oem screen, but is it weird that with a screen that used to work does not work anymore? The phone was never dropped, phone was turned off before tear down an no resistors or anything was removed or pulled


I had a similiar issue. I installed the screen, tested and worked fine. the customer came back a few days later and it had a mind of it's own. Tried multiple "premium" screens and when left on for a few days, all had the same issue. Only the in-cell screen (or aftermarket) solved the issue. Even the ALS programmer did not help.


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Maybe you bent the digitizer pin when you replaced the screen but when this hapened you have to buy new logic board. This was best I find iPhone 8 Plus Bare Logic Board

Imagem de iPhone 8 Plus Bare Logic Board


iPhone 8 Plus Bare Logic Board


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Well thats the thing, checked it with no issues to any of the pins


It can be Touch IC chips being loose.Do you droped it before you replaced the screen #TouchDisease


There is no Touch Disease on the 6S/7/8 series of devices. That only applied to the 6P and to a lesser extent the 6.


Just Kidding Around XD


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