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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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My iPod died suddenly after 6 years of 'signal service', dead battery?

The iPod, a 4th Gen. 60 GB HD model has been working faultlessly all this time, but gave up while being recharged after hitting the red line while in use. My opinion was that the battery had done its dash. There is no light, no life, with almost 5 GB of space still to add more 'books'.

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Does the ipod work when plugged in still? If it works while plugged in, or says something about waiting for the battery to charge, then the iPod is probably still good. If it gives a sad ipod or a folder symbol, then it *might* be the battery, but probably not. I would try buying a battery, its worth a shot either way and they are fairly cheap.

Are you still using the original battery after 6 years? Wow, impressive.

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Cody, your take might've been helpful if only the iPod showed some life. Everything is plain dead, no show, nada! I've opened the Pod, removed and checked the battery which shows a full 4.10 Volts across the +, - terminals. I don't know what the white lead out controls.

I ran a 6 volt 0.5 A torch globe for several minutes across the red/black leads, the battery still reads 'high' i.e; 4.10V.

Does this suggest a logic issue, a mechanical, or switch malfunction? The thing worked o.k. right up to when I decided to recharge the battery which was then showing almost zero life after my near 3 hour bike ride with constant use. It was never dropped.

Yep! I am stumped, and though I'd rush to buy a new pod, I hate giving up without a fight, besides, I love this "old faithful", so, I'll just keep digging, in the hope that someone has a spot on clue.

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