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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Broken cable clamp on Orange flat cable

After replacing the battery on my 10.1” galaxy tab 3, the little bar clamp on the orange cable broke and the cable does not clamp down in the slot. Swiping the screen is now erratic and often not even happening. I guess this is the problem as I have changed the battery before with no ill effects. Is it repairable?

Holding the cable in place with tape does not help.

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Can you add a photo


Thanks for your quick response Daniel, can't seem to paste the copied photo. if its any help the little bar was a brown colour and snapped in the middle and both parts disappeared.

If you know how to post the picture I have it.


You can edit the post and add a photo. Click on options and edit


Sorry Daniel this isn't working for me. I'll report back after the white tak attempt


I have dropped the photo into here, hope it helps because the white tak solution has not performed


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im guessing its this you mean dennis. yes they can be repaired but you need the proper tools to replace it. i have only done 1 on a tab e before

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looks like that. I am not hopeful for a good outcome.

It is taking a long time to charge now and as it is over 6 years old I feel it's race may be almost run......


the charging issue could be a bad charge port or the charging chip is going bad


Are the parts easily obtainable?if so from where? it couldn't hurt to change the charging slot and maybe all the flat cables.


should be available on ebay


Cheers Daniel, I will report back any success


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