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Released June 2017, the iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7".

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iPad pro shuts off while charging and randomly

My iPad pro was accidentally bent in about the middle running from side to side. Since, the iPad will shut odd while charging and sometimes when sitting without activity. I have to hard reset (home button with power button) to turn back on and the speaker doesn't work. Using headphones with the audio Jack gives audio fine. Have yet to open it and Apple wants a standard 450 when I paid 650 for it new. Would like to fix it on my own as I can swap out a battery or screen on my own but unsure of what is the problem here. Any ideas?

Update (01/19/2019)

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Here are images of the inside of the iPad pro 10.5, I'm not sure where the problem lies after opening.

Block Image

The purple line is where the bend was in the iPad.

The blue line with the circle shows some discoloration and I assume that there is a problem with the electronics there. This is put of my area of knowledge, does anyone have any information for this?

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Realistically, this will probably not be repairable. If you’re lucky, it may be a damaged battery or a connection issue somewhere inside. However, if the logic board was flexed, the damage will be difficult to determine and perhaps even more difficult to repair. There is very little information available on the Pro 10.5” making this a more difficult device to repair.

So you could try to open it up and inspect the insides, it will certainly be an educational experience. Keep in mind that replacement parts are expensive for this device and when you do a DIY repair, you have to buy potential replacement parts upfront to do the troubleshooting so this may not be cost effective unless the issue is obvious.

If you try this, be sure to report back with your findings so that everyone else can benefit.

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Thank you @minho for the information and ideas, I will take pictures after I open it. I couldn't see paying $450 for them to fix it (they said it could be done) when I paid $650 to get it. So i know it's possible to fix it, was hoping someone else had more knowledge on the iPad Pro and could advise.


Unless it's a battery or screen issue, Apple doesn't fix it, they just replace it. If the logic board is damaged, only a micro-soldering repair can possibly bring it back and even then, some issues can simply not be resolved.


I hadn't noticed you pictures...

With the flex occurring on the purple line, it must have been pretty bad that the shield ribbing has a visible notch. That fault line runs right between the CPU and the PMIC. That is the heart and brain of the device and the damage couldn't happen in a worse place. There's a pretty good chance you have some cracked solder balls underneath those IC or damaged/cracked solder joints for the power circuitry (all of the coils surrounding the PMIC.

Can you get a better picture of the blue arrow (discolouration)? Also try to inspect the area around the PMIC to see if anything is visibly cracked. As I said, this will liekly require a micro-soldering repair...Apple won't fix this, it will go to China for refurbishing if possible. For $450 you will get a replacement device.


If the data is critical to you, you should send it to a repair shop that specializes in micro-soldering and data recovery, at least with them you'll have a chance. If not, poke around but eventually you will have to have this replaced by Apple.


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