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What exactly is broken in my power button?

Hello, my power button does not work and I am trying to find out what exactly is broken.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the power button is composed of the actual button, a plastic housing, and the headphone jack assembly. Since it is very obvious if the actual button broke, I'm going to assume either the housing or the assembly is broken.

I looked around for other people's problems to provide insight.

The person's button only worked when pressed hard and needed a replacement of the headphone assembly.

  • In my case:

The power button has good tactile feedback when pressed, but the phone does not register the click.

I do plan on taking the 3GS apart soon, but I want a general idea of what to look for / purchase before I take it apart.

If anyone can help me a little, it would be much appreciated!

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I took apart the phone and replaced the headphone assembly. The button itself didn't have any obvious defects so I'm going to assume the problem was electronic.

The iFixIt gudies were very informative taking the phone apart, but "follow the instructions in reverse" isnt helping me very much. I have no clue how to put the buttons (mute / volume / power) back where they belong and rewire the headphone assembly.

Help would be greatly appreciated!


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There may be a loose connector somewhere so start HERE with the iFixit guides for the power button and headphone Jack.

Until you look at the problem you wont know what may be damaged or broken

It is likely there is a problem with the Headphone jack assembly even if it has correct tactile feel it may still be electrically faulty for some reason.

iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly Imagem


iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly


iPhone 3GS Headphone Jack Imagem


iPhone 3GS Headphone Jack Replacement

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iPhone 3GS Power Button Imagem


iPhone 3GS Power Button Replacement

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Thank you for the quick reply, I have looked at both those links you posted.

I too believe that it is most likely to be a faulty headphone jack assembly, but I find it odd that the button clicks and feels fine.

In this case, will I only need to purchase a headphone jack assembly?


Your logic seems sound.


Thanks, your answer is excellent. I will post my findings when I receive the tools to take the phone apart and evaluate the problem.


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Thanks for this question, I have exactly the same problem with the power/sleep button and I am planning to replace the headphone assembly. Did you finally manage to rewire the assembly and put the buttons back in place? I would really appreciate it if you could give me some tips and advice on this process !

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Thanks for this question, I have exactly the same problem with the power/sleep button and I am unsure as to which to replace, either the power button or the headphone assembly. Not understanding what the headphone assembly has to do with the power button (feel free to reply with information outlining their relationship), I am leaning more towards the home button replacement. However, like the original post, I have a perfectly functioning button, just no electronic response by the device. So when depressed, the phone gives no response. If it is merely a loose connection then I am thinking a new button would work. I'll follow up with results after button is replaced.

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