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Vibrate and Volume Up

My iphone suddenly stopped acting weird, the volume up button doesn’t work most of the times, by that I mean that, when the vibrate switch h is off and I click the volume up, it acts as the vibrate switch and goes back again, the phone even vibrates when clicked, it’s I can see the silent mode poping up back and forward. Another thing is when I switch the vibrate button to vibrate only, the volume up button doesn’t even react to any click. What could this be and how can I fix it?

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It’s probably just the flex cable that is shared by the volume buttons and vibration switch. The part itself is inexpensive but its replacement requires taking off the iPhone’s most parts, it’s almost a full tear down. You can use this guide to help you get an idea of the work expecting you to get the cable replaced:

iPhone 6s Volume Control Button Covers Replacement

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