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Repair information for Sharp televisions.

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24 55" Sharp TV's slowly went blue in screen color until unwatchable

We had 24 tv’s ordered from sharp less than a year ago. The screens started normal and grew a blue tint in screen color more and more until now you can barely make out images on the screen. Its just blue with random images barely showing up. All 24 tv’s had the same thing happen.

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Hi @bushydaffodil54 ,

Are they all connected to the same signal source?

Have you tried connecting a different signal source e.g. a dvd player or even disconnecting the signal source and just trying to view the TV menu screens to see if it able to be viewed OK?

If they are still the same regardless of the signal input source or type of input connection then as you say they are less than 12 months old, they should still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact Sharp customer service in your location regarding making a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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Unfortunately we tested everything with all of these strategies and Sharp refused to acknowledge the issue and refund us for the TV's.


Hi @bushydaffodil54

I suggest that you contact your government's (federal?, state?) consumer affairs commission (if you have one) and discuss the problem of Sharp not honouring their warranty and see if they can offer any advice on how to further your warranty claim with Sharp.

By your description the product is not fit for purpose during the warranty period.

Apologies if you've already done this.

It might take a bit of time but hopefully Sharp will realize that they can't just fob customers off by denying there's a problem.

Otherwise what's the point of having a warranty. To my view a warranty is a contract between the manufacturer and the buyer. You do what they say in the warranty as to how to operate and handle the product etc, they should do what they say in the warranty in the event of a problem with the product, barring conditions arising beyond their control, e.g. power surges, floods etc ;-)


Wish we could stick to technical answers. Since Google shows this and this site also as Problem Solved


lol same here


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Hey I just wanted to jump in for the actual solution. The LED backlight array in TVs typically are capped with a tiny square plastic diffuser that changes the color of light the LED emits. In this case we want a bright pure white to properly light up the rear of the LCD. Over time these powerful LEDs get hot and that small plastic cap breaks apart and falls off, this results in showing the original color of the LED which is on the blue spectrum. This causes the screen to show a blueish picture. These LEDs can be soldered on by hand which takes some time but it is possible to fix.

@jayeff is wildly incorrect with this poorly constructed answer and only here for karma. What a shame ifixit has fallen off. This “selected answer” is complete garbage and of no use to the repair community.

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Hi @vanchor54 ,

You may be right regarding a technical solution.

My answer was based on information provided by the OP. (btw I have no control as to why it is the Chosen Solution. Ask the OP or the moderators as they're the only ones who can select it as the Chosen Solution. I can't vote for my own answer or select it as the Chosen Solution).

The TV was <12 months old so it would still be under warranty. So why not use it?

It is hard enough trying to convince governments to get manufacturers to have meaningful warranties on their products in the first place without giving the manufacturer a free pass to produce lesser quality products and/or have poor QC with no comebacks by not invoking the warranty, if it is still valid.

At least doing so will affect their bottom line which is all they understand and maybe force them to produce better products.


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I've got 2 of the same tv's. I bought one and my sister in law got one. Set up at different houses and different things connected to it. Well she moved and I bought hers off her, with her saying nothing is wrong with it. Well they both have the blue splotches on the screen in different places. The fact is, you can't fix these. Thatsbwhybtheybwere so cheap on black Friday at Walmart.

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