Pixel have No Signal, says Radio Off.

One day it just stopped working. I couldn't recall any possibility in between that might cause it. Didn't drop the phone, didn't install any new app, no firmware or security updates. Nothing. It just suddenly stopped getting phone signals. Wifi still works, though.

I have tried everything that came out with my google search regarding no signal / radio off on pixel devices:

  • Put my sim card in another phone. It works.
  • Try another sim card in my pixel. Doesn't work.
  • Restarted the phone. Nothing.
  • Turned it off, and on again. Also in safe mode. Nothing.
  • Dialed *#*#4636#*#* and tried the whole radio switching thing. Doesn't work.
  • Restarted the connections. Nothing.
  • Factory reset the whole phone. Still nothing.

Chat with google service support, they say it must be problem with the carrier.

Contacted carrier, they say there's nothing wrong with my sim card.

After googling a couple of similar issues, they all fixed their problem by getting a replacement phone from google. Which sounds like a hardware failure to me.

One thread mentioned that a person got his signals back after accidentally dropping the phone from a considerable height. Which again, confirming that it might be hardware related.

I really want to get this phone working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Update (01/11/2019)

Device model and carrier name in the screenshot.

The website says it should work. Is there something else i should know about?

Block Image

Also, if it means anything, the sim card actually worked for a good couple of while before it stopped. I got strong signals, could make phone calls, etc. until suddenly it doesn't.

What's your take on it? Thanks

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What carrier are you attempting to use it with? The Pixel supports specific bands for GSM providers.


Updated the question. What's your take on it, mate?


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