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HDMI Port replacement , or repair?.

My Roku screaming stick works fine on my other Phillips brand TV no problem , but the TV in question blinks continuously while screaming with the very same Roku screaming stick . On the TV in question there's 3 HDMI ports , and they all yield the same problem . The TV'S are both 2012 models . My internet connections are all secure , running at 60-71mbps . My other television performs masterfully , using the exact same screaming stick , the very same one ( not just meaning the brand ) .

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I appreciate your response Daniel , your some what right , there is most definitely a board problem , but not the entire board , because before I started screaming through Roku (wi-fi) . I had satellite TV , and I had no issues at all . I now believe that the issue is more specifically linked to the HDMI port . Now the question for me becomes whether the board is savageable ? . Will the chip replacement stabilize the the wifi connection in and out ? . I believe signal reception is the main culprit . The picture is beautiful , but again it's a 2012 model . I'd like to keep it , the new ones have the life span of a modern day cell phone .


I forgot to add , even though the antenna/cable circuit has a different feed , and I know that now . Wouldn't that be a good sign the processor might be okay ? . Please further enlighten me , if that's flawed analytics ? . Thanks in advance , your assessment is helping me narrow down my investment decision , and refining my analytics skills at the same time .


You could probably get the board repaired but a replacement board could maybe be got on ebay cheaper


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It's sounds like there's an issue with the mainboard. Could be the hdmi chip or a processor issue. Try something other than the roku stick like and dvd player with hdmi output. I have 1 I'm working on same issue when chromecast is plugged in but fine with sky hd box

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