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The Amazon Fire HD 8 (5th Generation) is a sleek, black tablet released by Amazon in September 2015. Model Number: SG98EG.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 Broken LCD

I have an Amazon Fire HD 8” 7th Generation that has been dropped a few times and has a small crack on the corner of the screen. It has continued to work fine up until today when I turned it on and the screen lit up with colorful cracks and lines. The touch screen works fine and even launched Alexa when I accidentally clicked on it, but you can’t make out any of the images or icons because the pixels are completely distorted.

Do I need to replace the screen or the LCD panel? Where can I find replacement parts for my device?

Please help me!

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Looks like the glass (Digitizer) and LCD are fused together. I found this screen on Amazon.

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