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Moto X Play is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola Mobility, a division of Lenovo. Unveiled on July 28, 2015, it is one of three devices that succeeded the second-generation Moto X. Model numbers XT1563 and XT1562.

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I have cracked my screen and replaced it, but now the screen is black

My moto X play fell and shttered the screen, when I’ve tried to start it up the screen showed some colors.

I ordered from ebay new screen, but when I’ve assembled it, the screen stays black. the touch does work though. as I feel the vibrate motor when I move my finger on the screen on some point.

any idea what it could be? maybe someone could tell me where is the graphic unit on the MB so I could see if it suffered any damage?


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Potentially a bad replacement screen. As well, the battery will sometimes drain completely down if you didn’t power down the phone or disconnect the battery prior to either disassembling the phone or disconnecting the screen. Try to charge the battery if you haven’t already. Hope that’s helpful.

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