Won't power on after battery swap

I have a MS Surface Pro 4 that will not power on after battery swap. Used 3 new power supplies with no luck. Used power button and volume up method with no response. Thought maybe I popped a resistor when replacing battery . Mother board replaced with iFixit verified good part and still wont power on. Checked all connections and ribbon cables for damage. I stumped….

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Did you find a solution? I have same problem, dead Surface pro 4 after changing battery, tried 3 different batteries but it still won't turn on.


You replaced the motherboard and that did not solve the issue? I was expecting that for my next course of action since I am in the same situation as you. I have tried 2 batteries and neither turn on my SP4. Where did you get your batteries from IFIXIT or elsewhere, I cheaped out and used a no-name Amazon seller and I'm curious if an IFIXIT battery could solve the issue.


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