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interchangeable logic boards

Hi There, this is Paul from Australia!! I have a PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1 GHz.... I have broken the track pad ribbon connector on my logic board. My question is, can I purchase the PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1.67 GHz logic board and put it in my computer? Thank you for your time....I love your site!!!

Best from Down-under!!,

Paul Gurry

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Unfortunately, just about every part for the 1.67 GHz machines are different.

You could conceivably go as high as 1.5 GHz, if you replaced the following parts:

  • logic board (obviously)
  • lower case
  • DC-In board
  • Sound card
  • PRAM/USB board
  • Heat Sink/Fan assembly
  • PC/Airport Card Cage
  • PRAM/USB cable
  • Modem Cable and Modem
  • DC/Bluetooth cable

However, that would be an expensive proposition. Sorry for the bad news!

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Hi Ben, Thanks for your help with this!!! time to throw the powerbook on the scrap heap I think..... It did work with an external keyboard but now the ribbon connector is totally broken I can't power it up!! Can you think of any other way I can power up this powerbook... I've tried an external usb keyboard with a power button with no luck! thank you again, Paul


Well, I normally wouldn't suggest this, but if you're throwing it away anyway....

How handy are you at soldering? The reason I ask is because there are two metal pads on the logic board (about 1 inch above the notch that the upper case cable feeds through) with the writing "Power Button" to the right. You could try soldering a wire to one, another wire to the other, and installing a switch between these 2 wires that could hang out of the computer...

But that's all I got...and it's not much :)


Hey Ben, Thanks for that tip! your a champ mate!!! I'll give it a go!!!! Cheers, Paul


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