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Mixing and matching different component pieces

When repairing my own Samsung Galaxy S4, do the components have to match with the the phone carrier or can they be from any character as long as it’s the character you need?

Example: Can I replace my Unlocked motherboard with a AT&T motherboard…?

Thanks a lot

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Some parts will be different, you need to match the screens with the same model.

I know that you can use i9505 screen on i9507 and vice-versa.

i9506 uses a special one as the display frame has different indents and components on logic board are in different spot.

Charging port is pretty much all compatible from i9505 to i9507. Back and front camera must be same model (i9505 - i9507 tho can use either front camera modules).

You’ll need to search up depending on your phone model, there’s plenty of variants of S4.

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But can they be the exact same model of parts from another carrier? I’m planning to get an Unlocked International Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500.


With i9500 there is a substantial difference with all of the removable parts inside the phone. All of them are not compatible with other models such as i9505 and higher.


Do different models contain different carriers on them? Otherwise I don’t follow you.


Yes, some variants may have network locked to different carriers depending on where the phone was bought from.

The problem with i9500 is that you can only use screens and charging ports from the i9500 model and not other ones such as i9505.


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