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7.9 inch display / Model A1432 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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My home and Power button don't work properly after screen replacement!

Normally replacing a screen for an iPad has always gone quite smoothly but i keep having this issue and i hope someone is able to help!

I wanted to replace the iPad mini Glass since it was cracked, so i did! But the home and power button are having issues, it seems like the home button is always pressed and because of the the power button wont put it to sleep! This only happens if the screen is in its position flat on the iPad (like it should be), but the i hold the screen up off the iPad the home button and power button work completely fine!

I have tried another Glass just so i can make sure it isn’t just a faulty Touch Screen!

I could really use some advice and help on this issue, Which would be greatly appreciated!


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The iPad mini has a lot of gotcha’s, especially if you’re using cheap/inexpensive digitizers. That said, in your case, I suspect that the digitizer cables are bend the wrong way and may have kinked. The fold is supposed to go towards the lcd. Once the flex is bent too sharply, it develops a kink and some of the delicate inner traces can be damaged enough to cause a wide variety of problems.

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Thanks Minho, at first i was thinking it was the position of the bracket the caused it to be pushed from underneath, but now that i look at it i think your right, ill give another LCD a shot! Thanks for the Help!


Meant Digiztzer, Sorry!


Just wanted to give a quick update... The cable bent wasn't actually the problem, i tried a few different ones and it made no difference, what i noticed was on the digitizer cable right next to the home button there is 4 little "capacitors" (i think thats what they are) in between the 4G and 083 lettering, the were always contacting some metal were the protective tape had come off on the ipad which probably shorting the button! Please excuse the bad terminology but i hope that was enough to understand what i was trying to say! i just solved this issue with some tape! Thanks for your help!


Congrats on finding the issue. As I said, the mini has a lot of gotcha's and better digitizers have protective tape pre-installed. In the absence of that, kapton tape works really well.


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