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The LG K20 Plus Android smartphone was released by LG Electronics in March 2017 as part of the K Series. The LG K20 Plus includes model numbers LG K20 V, LG VS501, and LG TP260.

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Why doesn't my speaker work? LG K20 Plus

I recently changed my entire LCD display. I swapped all my stuff over. Cameras.. everything. All the little pieces. I swapped the speaker contact strip and everything yet no matter how many times I rearrange the strip it simply will not work. I've been trying to fix this phone for a week now. I'm a cheap bastard but I like this phone. Not ready for a new one. What can I do or purchase to get my speaker working? Send me links. I've been all over youtube.. google.. I'm at a loss. Someone help!!

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As someone who has an exact phone, but has never experienced this, I'd recommend contacting LG's support and or speaking with the group who sold you the phone.


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