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I have an SD card stuck inside the CD slot


So I accidentally inserted an SD card to the CD drive, and I need that to be taken out.

I am using the laptop all day, every day, so I would need a technician to come to my office to fix it on location. Is that a service you provide?

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Thanks guys.

@mayer - I tried all of that, didn’t help, that’s why I’m here. I’m from NYC.

@nick Yeah I tried opening the laptop, but couldn’t reach the optical drive… I rather not damage it since it’s a 5000$ laptop, so I prefer to just have a pro help me with that.


I see. I would open it personally if I had this happen to me but I also know how to deal with this problem.

Your screw may be under the keyboard then. It's still doable, but it's a little more complicated.


See update to post


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Turn it off. Hold it so that the slot is facing downward. Use a sharp thrusting motion downward with a abrupt stop. Do this a few times and the card should fall out. Besides, you didn’t even mention where in the world you are.


The Rossmann Group

Louis Rossman

(347) 552-2258

186 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10009

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Depending on how stuck it is, you may need to disassemble your computer to get to the optical drive and then disassemble the drive itself. Dell systems (generally) don’t have warranty seals or tape on the drives, so you can do this without them knowing on a lot of them. If you break it it’s on you, regardless of if the drive has tape or not so don’t use this to commit warranty fraud if you break the drive. It’ll also require special care because of your situation as well, so don’t yank the drive out like you’re doing a normal repair.

We don’t know which system you have, so we can’t direct you to a repair guide. That said, many of the Precision laptops are easy to do this on and the drive can (generally) be removed by removing 1 screw after removing a service panel. It sounds like you have a slot loader Precision, so you probably shouldn’t take the drive apart beyond removing the cover or you will probably break it.

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