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iPhone screen won't work after replacement

I replaced an iPhone 8 screen just now, and when I first switched the camera and home button out and connected the three connectors back to the phone, it was working it showed the lock screen and it was responsive. I then disconnected the home button and screen connectors and screwed in the top two connection covers. Now my screen won’t work, the home button works, the phone is on, it can get calls and the speaker by the front facing camera works, but the screen won’t turn on. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the screen’s connection a couple times but it hasn’t worked. I tried plugging the old cracked screen back in but that one wont turn on either. (Top connector still connected to the old screen and no home button connected.) In that state it got a call but the old screen didn’t work either. Is it possible I ruined the socket in the phone? Is there anything I can try to fix that?

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iPhones, specifically from the 6s and up, have always been very fickle about power during screen replacements. If you didn’t disconnect the battery before removing the connector for the screen, sometimes it will overcharge something controlling the backlight or LCD on the logic board. Also, after disconnecting the battery, you will have to discharge the logic board to remove any residual charge on the board and in the screen.

I’ve had my fair share of this happening to me as I used to manage a 3rd party apple repair center. There are 2 possible failure points. 1) the connector pins on the board are slightly askew or bent, and 2) the battery wasn’t disconnected before the replacement was attempted. Both of these can be fixed, if you know how to and are comfortable with microsoldering. If you aren’t comfortable doing so or don’t want to pay someone to, you’ll have to purchase a new logic board for the specific device, storage size, and carrier to ensure a proper compatibility.

Best of luck to you

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