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Apple's successor to the 30-pin dock connector. This cable has been bundled with most Apple mobile products since 2012-2021

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Don't know how to arrange the wires to the USB connector of the cable


I have a little problem here, I broke my iPhone 6 Lightning to USB cable.

I tried to open it so it will charge temporarily. There are 4 wires from USB connector cable Red, Black, White & Green. I don’t know how to connect or arrange it on USB connector of the cable. Should be Red, Black, White & Green? Or Red, Green, White & Black?

Please help me!

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This picture is in poor quality but you should be able to figure it out from that. Cable arrangment depends from orientation of USB, grey part of USB on the picture is the empty space in reality so answer is Black, Green, White, Red.

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Watch this video, hope it helped

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