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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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What is correct name or P/N of camera bracket and where can I buy one.

Macbook Pro, mid-2009, 15” - screen repair

In this ifixit repair image the person is shown using a blue pry-device to remove a part that is referred to as a “camera bracket”.

Block Image

I lost this piece when I was working on the screen of my mid-2009, Macbook Pro 15” and I need one of them. I have looked on ebay but cannot find anything called a “camera bracket” that looks like this part.

Does anyone know what the correct name of this piece is, or its part number, or where I can buy one?

Thank you

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Sorry the part is not available as a spare. You’ll need to recover it from your old cover glass as the one you bought to replace it often don’t have them.

If you are really skilled you can make one out of black card stock ;-} I had to do that for a customer who lost his cover glass altogether.

Otherwise its a new cover glass which has the clip [produto vinculado ausente ou desativado: IF161-050-1] Just double check with IFIXIT that it has it.

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Thanks Dan, but I don't have the part any longer.

I had removed it from my broken cover glass and clipped it back into the frame of the top cover around the camera, but I didn't get a replacement cover glass for a week or so, and in the meantime the part fell out and I lost it.

In my younger days I could probably have made one out of black card stock as you suggest but my eyesight has degraded since then and now I would not be able to see clearly enough to do it.

Do you know what function the part serves? Is it just to hold the camera in place?

If so perhaps I could use a black rubber O-Ring of the right size.

This hardens my resolve against Macs. I only get involved with them to help friends. For myself I always buy secondhand, business-grade, Lenovo Thinkpads which are the epitome of repairable, each one having its own repair manual and parts list.

Thank you for your help



@jrmwalsh - All laptops use custom parts so you'll encounter the same type of issues with a Dell or HP. So I wouldn't get angry at Apple for that.

Sorry to hear you lost it. Send IFIXIT an email to see if they have a spare.

The part aligns the camera to correct location within the cover glass as the camera can shift out of the window.


@jrmwalsh - Sorry that won't work. You need to mount it to the glass without fogging the glass. I think you'll need to just find the part or make it using card stock it's not that hard.


Thanks Dan,



Thanks Dan

Re: "All laptops use custom parts so you'll encounter the same type of issues with a Dell or HP. So I wouldn't get angry at Apple for that."

Thanks and "Yes" - I have been fixing laptops for 20 years and I know all laptop manufacturers use custom parts.

My dissatisfaction with Apple is not just based on this event- this event is just one more insult in a very long list of insults from Apple.


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