Philips 32pfh5509 series 5000 no smart no settings meniu

Hello guys so my philips 32pfh5509/88 led smart tv gone wild.Smart meniu settings is not opening. I see indicator light on tv when pressing but nothing happens..Ok i try to do all the stuff by my self so find out what i need to instal new software on tv so i got it on do all the steps but no luck .when i plug usb is shows and after that just black screen(before that no signal on screen)no hdmi ports dont work i cant swich for that it just blinks the light.yep i got 2 new remotes same problem. I searched all google no luck to find soliution. I can be hamster and try all the stuff to fix it.Pls help.btw sorry for bad english i hope you got what my problem is. Its bricked (i didint see if tv updated him self ) and my wifi went off that time.oh grount tv still works volume works off button dont.

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