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touchID not working after replacing my screen?

I am learning on old broken phones I have at home, and I ordered a screen from amazon which works perfectly and I can’t actually tell any difference, I successfully transferred the ambient light, front camera and the phone speaker which all work, but while transferring the home button the touchID function will not work - I’ve read a bit into it and understand that the cable can be easily ripped like paper, will replacing the home button fix the issue of touchID not working as the home button itself works.

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You cannot replace the homebutton to regain TouchID functionality. The home button that came with the phone is the only one that works with your motherboard.

  • Remember that metal shield plate with a cable running trough it that you took of the back of your old screen? Did you damage the cable there? Try with a different one if you can
  • Check the ribbon cable and controller on the removed button closely. Is there any tear damage visible? If not, then you might still have damaged the controller. If you have a repair shop that does micro soldering, they might be able to help with the last one.

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Try connecting the old screen with home button, if Touch ID works with old screen then it’s the new screen at fault and not your homebutton.

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