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What does gearbox fault mean in my 2004 jagar All Wheel Drive?

Why does the Gearbox light come on in my, 2004Jaguar AllWheel Drive?

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sheilagardner585  we would need to know the exact model of your Jaguar. This could be a oil issue as well as a TCM issue and many other things. If you need to change the oil for your gearbox, the drain plug is located near the passenger side differential.The refill plug is located under the battery housing near the water pump.  Total oil volume is between 3.5-4 quarts ,

If you can, have your car scanned and see what codes it gives you. The X-series has issues with moisture buildup in the TCM and a corroded connector. You can check that connector and clean it. The TCM is located under the dash on the passenger side. Again this is for the X-type Jaguar.

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Reply 23/11/2021. Get your Auto Electrician to check and replace the non conducting paste protecting the connector pins beneath the main fuse box in the engine bay near the battery. I purchased an Xtype AWD 2001 which suffered this problem and the paste had dried out and moisture was apparently causing electric crossing between the pins. This was resolved by removing and replacing this non conductive paste. I had many varied messages on dash screen with erratic dash readings. This model is also sensitive to low battery condition.

Good Luck, Alan

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