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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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How do I know when the battery is dead?

Computer doesn't power up, even when cord is plugged in.

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mister790's answer is correct - first try unplugging that internal battery - it worked for my Pismo to bring it back to life after failing to power up after long time storage, even when plugged into AC.

but even after doing that, it's possible your Pismo has a dead main battery - it's a very old vintage machine, after all. None of my Pismo batteries still holds a charge (I have 3 or 4, including replacement ones I bought several years later). You'll know the main battery is dead when you charge it for several hours or overnight and it won't hold a charge when you unplug the AC.

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The Pismo has a little internal battery in addition to the big battery that slides into the side slot. Replacing that interior battery may solve the problem. Even just unplugging it, starting up the computer, and then replugging that battery has worked for some people.

Here's a Macrumors thread with specific details from people who have brought their Pismos back to life in this way:

And here's an earlier ifixit thread on the same subject: pismo not getting power when power cord is attached.

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