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The DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2 was announced in 2016 to replace the CUH-ZCT1 controller released in 2013. This controller is similar to the previous model.

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Is JDS-040 correct replacement for CHU-ZCT2U (or/and FJDS-040)

Controller model: CUH-ZCT2E.

1) Would FJDS -040 work if my current/existing board is JDS -040?

I can mostly found FJDS-040 which seems to be different compared to my JDS-040.

My USB charging port:

Block Image

FJDS I keep finding on ebay etc.

Block Image

As you can see board layout is little bit different. Would those FJDS one work?

2) On USB boards I see square with number 1 or 2 (on different board), since both are JDS-040 boards, what those means? In short, can I replace JDS-040 board ignoring those numbers.


Block Image

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The FJDS-040 is also known as JDS-040 or JDS040 and should be compatible for as long main board controller is a JDM-040 which it will since your original is a JDS-040.

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@oldturkey03 Awesome, glad to hear it! Thanks for the reply and also explaining main board relation, really helps me in future, something to add into personal knowledge bank.


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Looks like it is! According to this guide on iFixit though.

DualShock 4 CHU-ZCT2U Charging Port Replacement

Block Image

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Thanks! Any idea are FJDS-040 still suitable ? Have not yet found any reliable source for JDS-040 boards, only see FJDS-040 being available.


@ajcooke01 Thanks for the link! Unfortunately they dont display bottom of the board. I noticed at ebay and amazon which includes these "JDS-040 With 12 Pin" but upon zooming they all read "FJDS-040" instead just "JDS-040". Since boards layouts are slightly different, quite confused if FJDS and JDS is considered as "compatible" with each other.


@coffeeod Well, I guess we are in a bit of a pickle here...

Could you link me to the board(s) you are looking at buying?


@ajcooke01 example when searching for jds-040 on eBay I get these, when you look at images you noticed it's actually an fjds-040. Comparing that to my posted image (my usb charging port) board layout is indeed different


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