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Will My pictures transfer to my new phone?

My I phone 6 fell in water and never turned on again how ever I took the SIM card out and want to put it in the new IPhone 6 I got but don’t know if it will damage my new phone in a way .. also will all my pictures transfer to my new phone if I put the old SIM card in ?

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Was it synced with iTunes?


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All of your pictures are stored on the iPhone’s logic board and you cannot retrieve pictures via the Sim card unfortunately. Your best bet is to completely disassemble your phone, clean the phone’s internals with >90% Isopropyl Alcohol, reassemble the phone and try to boot it up. Your chances are slim but it’s worth a shot. Here’s a teardown of your iPhone.

iPhone 6 Teardown

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The SIM should not damage your new phone so long as it’s completely dry before you insert it. SIM cards are pretty robust, so it’s likely to be okay. As Aaron already said, photos are not stored on the SIM Card. If you had iCloud photos turned on, or were making any backups of your phone (either via iCloud or locally on a computer), then the photos should be backed up there.

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