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Is the iPhone 6 battery compatible with the iPhone 6s?

Hi, my iPhone 6s battery says service in battery settings so I came to iFixit to see battery’s. I was wondering if the 6 battery is compatible with the 6s.

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No, the batteries are not cross-compatible. There are tiny connector layout differences that simply make this not possible. If you look at close-up pictures of the connectors you can see the difference. You can buy the proper battery for your 6s at the link below.

Substituição da bateria do iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Replacement Battery

iPhone 6s Replacement Battery Imagem


iPhone 6s Replacement Battery


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+1 on this one. I had the same question when I was fixing a 6s with a dead battery for my father. Learned it the hard way and discovered these batteries are not necescerily cross-compatible. There are size and connector differences that stopped me in my tracks. Not making that mistake again!


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The 6 and 6s have the same battery life but the 6s just has a battery that is a little smaller so it would be better to get a battery made for the phone you have. Plus the cables have different flex connectors.

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Nope, they are not. The flex (idk how to call it, the little metal things that you connect to the logic board) is not the same. The may look the same but they are not.

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