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4G in iPhone 4S


I’ve an iPhone 4S and I would know if is possible use 4G in this phone. I know that max capacity of iPhone 4S is 3G, but is possible with a valid and accurate way getting 4G?

Thank you in advance for reply.

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Not possible, the best this phone can do is HSPA dual carrier at 14.4Mbps, anything above that is not possible, there is no hardware for it.

iPhone will display 14.4Mbps network of some carriers as 4G, but that is marketing only, not real 4G.

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First of all, the Iphone SE is a phone that was made 5 years after the iphone 4s. Iphone 4s was just not made to support iphone 4s with the provider that you stated. 4g service was released in 2010 by 1 carrier- Sprint. It took a few years for other companies to catch on. Long answer short, the iphone 4s Was Not made to support 4g. Good Luck!

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