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6S Plus overheating and screen has cracked after front panel assembly

A guy I did a repair for called me and said that he was listening to music and his screen overheated, too hot to touch. Supposedly, after this it cracked. I haven't seen the phone yet, but he claims that it isn't responsive to touch in a lot of spots. Had anyone heard of anything like this happening, like possibly a faulty part or something? Thanks!

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im gonna take a wild guess and say it is overheating because of the screen lol.


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I would offer to open up the phone and @%^!* it first.

It sounds like they may have liquid damaged the phone after repair.

If not the case then screen may be faulty.


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may be swollen battery?- get the heat and then it expands and bends mid shield/LCD? I've never seen it this bad but have seen swollen battery push out the midshield.


That could possibly be it also, that could leave blotches in the sceen.


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