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My camera wont work

Dropped the phone the other day and since then the camera takes black pics with a strange mark on the side

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What do i do?

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I changed my iPhone 6s Plus battery and the cameras both front and back won’t respond again. It will open camera but doesn’t pick up or snap. What could be the problem and what do I do?


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Most likely Camera has been damaged and will need to be replaced.

iPhone 6s Plus Repair

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There are no viewable exterior damages to the phones case. How can the camera be damaged? Could it be just a cable disconnection?


Shock alone can damage it.

The only way to confirm will be to try with a new camera .


Yeah and those image stabilized cameras are very sensitive (and expensive)!


Expensive? Like how expensive?


I want to make sure my issue isn't due to a possible cable disconnection, so it be helpfull to find a pic of the camera area of the 6S+ so i can check it out.


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