Why is my phone not turning on after charging it to 100%?

So for some reason, my phone was being dumb and it thought that the power off button was the volume down button?? Though the volume down button turned the volume down, and volume up turned volume up, but the power button also turned the volume down. So I obviously couldn’t power it off with the power button, and it was already at 10%. So I thought, “Okay well last time I accidentally let it die, it restarted itself, so I’ll just do that.” So that’s exactly what I did. Let it charge to 100% for about an hour, and here I am trying to turn it on, and the phone will not come on at ALL. When I plug it in, the battery thing shows up with it being full and the 100% on top of it, but again, I try turning it on… nothing. Just a black screen. Help????

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