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Motherboard differences: iPhone XR China dual-SIM vs EU/US eSIM+SIM

it would be great to see the motherboard differences between the true dual-SIM version available in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau and the international eSIM+nano-SIM version.

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Comparing with iPhone XS Max, I believe the idea is the same. China model has exactly the same board layout, they only change the SIM socket and tray part. China model has actual dual sided SIM socket eSIM chip vacant or disabled via software, while global model has the same size SIM socket, but with one side blocked, eSIM chip is installed and enabled.

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Just looking at the Apple info I think its easy to see the difference will be within the SIM carrier assembly. Having two sets of contacts top & bottom Vs just one side.

The eSIM chip is very tiny! So it wouldn’t take much space on the logic board. I would guess the logic boards are the same and the real dual SIM would just have it vacant or have a via line to tie-in the real dual SIM for the China model.

Even with the differences in the hardware, I’m sure the two models have different firmware so you won’t be able to jigger-it around if that was what you where thinking.

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