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Mackbook Pro Early 2008 Monitor Problem

My old Mackbook Pro (not unibody) works wonder but its monitor has an illumination problem, and sometimes the monitor is completely black right froom boot. In some case I start it up and the monitor works, it does not become black while using it, it's all "decided" on boot.

Block Image

I tried resetting PRAM and VRAM with no results. It's not the VGA because if I use an external monitor I see with no problems. Wich part should I replace to fix it? Inverter board? Inverter cable?

Thank you

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Usually this is caused by the LED_RETURN resistors on the backlight circuit (on the motherboard). Find a shop that can do microsoldering around your place and get an estimate. simple job to do but the estimate can vary.

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I know someone who can microsoldering, can you identify the LED_RETURN resistor on the mobo? do you have a pictuure? thank you


I need the mobo number is a 820 xxxx number and then I can add a picture to the answer


First of all check the J9450 inverter connecter,

my bad I've jumped to a conclusion to fast , this old mac does not use the same backlight circuit like the unibody

Not that simple as I'ved thinked


J9450 inverter hummm... how does it looks like?


I’ve verified the model and it’s A1260. The logic board has no J9450 connector.


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