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Released April 2016 by Yuneec Electric Aviation, Hexacopter Done with 4K UHD Camera

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Need repair on our Typhoon H , who can we send it to?

Semi crashed drone , knocked off couple blades , 3 connector bolts for camera , need repair , Best Buy was total bust , whom can we send to for repair or is close to us that can work on it , we are in Hammond,La 70401

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Manufacturer repair service provider is: KAVService - . It took me eight weeks to receive my H520 back from Yuneec, and periodic updates were not provided as promised. Ordinarily, you submit repair/warranty claims thru the Yuneec website rather than direct to KAVService.

Alternative, third-party providers:

Carolina Dronz -

FortressUAV - Plano, TX -

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Adicionar um comentário and they are in the USA authorized dealer/ service center

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