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Can I learn to repair defects on the Motherboard cheaply?

Hello, i’d like to learn to repair small defects on Logicboards. i have multiple defect Logicboard, and i wanna have the ability, to repair all of them, since no one does that in my region, and i have fun with this and wanna advance in this category.

Talking about Backlight issues on the Logicboard, such as Replacing FPC Connectors or having Error 9 or having a defect Battery Sensor on an iPhone 5S, its pretty easy to replace those (according to youtube) but i dont have the right stuff

now i wanna ask, what tools do i need and where can i learn this?


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A lot of the people on YouTube that teach good repairs also have lists of tools they have used themselves and recommend look at ststelecom, ipadrehab, Louis rossman, Chris long and make a list of the tools they use and what they recommend find a mix that suits ur budget and needs

Before major tools I recommend getting scrap phones and boards to practice on and if this is to be a business learn what people around u actually want… tailor your services around your clients and get the tools you actually really need to perform the service people require… none of it is really easy and requires a lot of practice and

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@forceartz all the best tools in the world will not help you if you do not know how to troubleshoot. You must know the basics about electronic circuits and about their components. You will need the schematics and the boardviews of the phones you want to fix. Then you need to learn how they function. It is important to learn to walk before attempting to run. So if you are looking for courses to take, start with some electronic fundamentals. Those are the first once to look at. You can not fix what you do not know is broken. Skills like microsoldering etc. are secondary and require practice, practice, practice.

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You do know that Apple is going to do just about everything they can to stop you. iPhone repair does not have much of a future nor does Mac Repair.

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I would recommend you take a course like what Jessa Jones offers at iPad Rehab to get the skinny on whats involved. To start off review these videos here: Get Ready For Microsoldering Week!

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Mobile phone repair is not easy, to repair you need practice more.

For the tools, you may need basic tools like screwdrivers, pry tool, sucker and tweezers for phone disassembling.

Hot air gun, solder paste, desolder wick, soldering iron etc. for logic board repair.

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Okay, so i have an iFixIt kit, which is pretty good, but i need a hot air Gun, solder paste, desolder wick and a soldering iron, do i need something special, like a super small micro tip or something?


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