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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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White screen of death, cannot recover

I inherited a 1st gen Touch (stopped working for previous owner) that has a white screen and seems to be stuck in recovery mode. I have tried putting the device in DFU mode (via power/home 10 secs then home 10 more secs ) to recover (hard to tell with no usable display, but Windows seems to confirm). iTunes recognizes the device as being in recovery mode and attempts to recover (I have even downloaded and tried previous firmware versions also), but always ends with various unknown errors such as 20, 21, and various 16xx series. Any help appreciated, or is it a goner?

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Just wondering if you have tried a hard reset. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Of course if that does not work, try using Recboot to kick it out of recovery mode. You can download recboot here and it also has a great tutorial. Let us know what happens. Good Luck

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Its for sale :(.


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I had the same problem last week with IPod Touch 2.

I do not know how it happened? Third person brought it to me...

There was no power in the battery!

But after charging it for a while I sow WSOD and it constantly was in reboot cycle. After it was charged enough I succeed to put it in recovery mode (blindly) - it always was showing white screen on the Ipod, before I put it into recovery mode my Mac does not recognize it. I unsolder-ed the battery and re-solder it back, same white screen and reboot cycle.

Itunes was recognizing it in recovery mode but only that is Ipod no other information was available. I successfully flashed it with 4.2.1 (8C148) - I was able to sync and Itunes was working with it fine, but the screen was still white!

I moved the LCD screen down and cycle sleep/wakeup with power button, then I sow some vertical lines appeared on the white screen, so I stretch LCD and ribbon down even more, and cycled again sleep/wakeup - I sow normal screen!

I thought that the trouble is bad connection on ribbon cable connector, I try to use needle to deviate every tiny pin on the LCD ribbon connector, but after tiring a few hours I broke it!

So I order new LCD with ribbon and waited patiently until arrived, after few days it came and guess what? I connected and again WSOD!!! O, I was a little disappointed, but did not give up.

I thought if is not ribbon connector should be logic-board one then, however I was tried that before ( re-solder it with normal soldering iron), but I decide this time I will use hot-air!,

Powerd-on my rework station and lift up the logic-board, then gently blow it with hot-air ( 485 degree C, smallest tip that I had) around the LCD board connector solders - I left it peacefully to cool for 5-8 minutes ( the battery was disconnect first!)

I was eager to see the result and first connected the new LCD and without connecting the battery I connected thought the Ipod cable directly to the computer - I sow apple logo :P

If this did not worked I was prepared to re-heat(re-flow) all chips one by one on the logic-board.

Hope this will help someone, however WSOD can have different causes, and this may not work for you... Sorry for spells,I'm not native ES.

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Common issues ,I ofen heard this kind of problems , you should restart it. if still do not work, replace the lcd and screen flex ribbon.

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