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Home Button and Touch ID not functioning

So I was doing a screen replacement on an iPhone 7 today. Have it a couple 30 second bursts of a hair dryer just to loosen the glue. Put my pry tool in and started to gently work on the bottom left hand side of the phone. I had the screen pretty much pried off when I accidentally hit the power button and the phone turned on, when it turned on I got a message saying that the power button needed servicing and the assistive touch thing came up on the screen. I continued with the repair, everything works perfectly apart from the home button. I have tried it on the old screen, not working there either.

I know logic says I did damage but I have looked and looked at the home button and ribbon cable and cannot see anything wrong with it. All I had done when I got this message was open the phone. I’m not a rookie with either, I have replaced upwards of 100 screens on lots of different iPhones. Am I goosed here?

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It’s pretty easy to tear the Home Button flex from the screen. It has a nice 90 degree turn that is ripe for tears. However, as an experienced tech, you would probably be able to spot that pretty easily. I just wonder if you didn’t accidentally damage the actual Home Button and it’s flex when you applied the pry tool. Stuff like that happens even to the best of us ;>).

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Ugh anything is possible I guess, it’s not working for a reason and it’s driving me insane cause I don’t know what it is. I think I’m gonna stop it to my board guy to have a look at it under the microscope to see if he can see any damage anywhere. Painfully annoying, phone is pretty much worthless now.


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