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iPhone de quarta geração lançado em 2010. O reparo é simples, mas o vidro frontal e o LCD devem ser substituídos juntos, como uma unidade. GSM / 8, 16 ou 32 GB de capacidade / Modelo A1332 / Preto e Branco.

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Crazy power issue? can you give me any advice!

Hey, Well I accidently dropped my iphone 4 into water :(.. The phone itself works fine if i keep using but as soon as its locked for over 1 min it wont come on unless I plug it into the wall and it will come straight on (it doesnt boot up its like it is on but not displaying anything until I plug it in)

I have tried ringing it when it is in the state of not responding and the other phone rings but the iPhone does nothing (no sound, no screen ect) However if I plug it in whilst its ringing it works instantly and i can see the call coming through and the sound starts to work..

Please please please help me or point me in the right direction.. I'd be extremely grateful for any help!

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"However if I plug it in whilst its ringing it works instantly and i can see the call coming through and the sound starts to work.." sounds like a dock connector or Battery issue. The lithium Ion battery do not like moisture at all. Follow the advise given on this page. I would change the battery after that and see what you get. Let us know so we can continue to help you.

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Thanks for that i'll try the advice on that page but I think it will need a new battery


+ sounds right. a good clean and then reassess is always the best advice. you may have to clean a few times before reassemble. it's amazing what will suddenly start to work after a good clean..


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It was too long ago it dropped into water?

If not, you can try open it and let it in a dry place during some hours.

If it was too long ago, look for rusty contacts on the conectors.

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Wasn't took long ago but I think it has fully dried. Going to dissemble it tonight and see what i see.. Thanks!


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