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The Macintosh Powerbook 140 was an early Apple Laptop computer. It features a large power cable, battery, trackball instead of a trackpad, was one of the first Apple computers to use an internal floppy disk, and adjustable keyboard height. It was also the first laptop to feature a keyboard toward the back of the computer unit.

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Why won't the floopy disc stay in and read?

When I insert the disc, it acts as if it is going to run but then kicks it out. Screen comes on but has no image.

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No, it won't bootup


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This machine has an internal hard drive. Are you saying it won’t boot up? Whatfloppy disk are you trying to use? What’s on it?


See if you can find the original system installation disk. Insert it after pressing the power button and hold down the C key.I don’t remember if Disk Utilizes are on that disk, but if so you need to run it on the hard drive. Do you have any history on this machine?

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I didn't know that. No, it will not bootup.


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