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Beats will not turn on. Help pls.

I recently bought a pair of Beatsx earphones. I have charged them, updated software, tried to find if there are any loose cables, attempted a reset on them and still they will not turn on. I know they work because when they are attached to the lightning cable the LED’s light up. It’s when i take it off charge when the problems start. They will not turn on. I hold down the volume down and power button for 10 seconds and it doesnt change anything. Just confused on what i can do.

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If you still have the receipt they should be covered by warranty. I’d return them to the shop and ask for a refund. Otherwise you need to contact customer service for repair under warranty.

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Err...isn't like 5AM in Sydney...and you've been posting for the last 2 hours?

That takes the notion of the early bird to the extreme ;>).


err yes...I'm on night shift. It's a very quiet night.


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