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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Very odd screen lifting near home button after replacement.

I have replaced this screen 3 times now and every time it lifts near the home button. There are 2 pads attached to the chassis adjacent the home button, one on each side. They are pushing against the screen when it is secured and I believe they are pushing the screen out of the chassis. I also noticed the screen has some glitches when it is raised (banding/ discoloration etc) and they go away when I push it back down. I'm wondering if this happens to others who have replaced their screens. And what are those pads even for? I saw there is a wire going to them. My adhesive jobs are on point, especially on the 3rd go at it. Maybe the adhesive kit ifixit supplies is not strong enough. I'm about to crazy glue the bottom of the screen in bc it's driving me crazy. I almost ripped those pads out!

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You can superglue it, only thing is it will be hard to get it apart if you need to fix the screen again. It sounds like there may be either some residue from the other times you put it in or it just isn’t seated correctly. If worse comes to worse, take it back apart, check for anything that may keep it from seating correctly, (clean off any excess of anything), and check to ensure that nothing is in the way, (something could have shifted or isn’t attached where it originally was), then try putting it together again. (If the pads you are referring to have any type of wires coming from them, then they are probably needed to make the device work.

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I have gone to excessive lengths to assure it will adhere properly. 3 times now. Does anyone have any insight?


Thank you for the response though


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