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Successfully swapped screen, powered on but now won't charge.

Hey guys, I swapped my screen tonight and it powered on, and I played around for the phone for 5 minutes with the charger plugged in & I guess it wasn’t charging at all & it died. I plug in my cord and it used to come up but wouldn’t charge. Now I plug it in & it won’t pop up at all or respond to the usb. And we can rule out the wireless charger issue because I tried it in my truck before it didn’t power on at all & it powered on. Now it won’t power on at all or charge, like the phone is getting no juice at all. Please help me out this is my main phone & it’s becoming a big issue.

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If you have ruled out the charger then it will probably either be the battery, or the connection in between the battery and the plug charger. Did you make sure everything was hooked back up after you replaced your screen. The battery sounds like it was still attached since you played on the phone for 5 minutes before the power went out. So check at the point where you plug the charger and how it attaches to the battery.

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Yea, when I started it it kept saying - slow charging: Make sure charger is properly connected. Use charger that came with the device.” and it ended up dying, so would that help it?


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