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A sleek 13.3” Ultrabook manufactured in 2012. The Lenovo IdeaPad U310 features long battery life and Lenovo smart update.

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Can I upgrade my laptop CPU


I have the Lenovo U310 laptop with the i3 processor.

Can i upgrade my laptop to a i5 or a i7 processor?

I want to do some simple short video editing, and upgrading the cpu would help a lot (also i will be upgrading RAM and instaling an SSD).


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Hi. What is the most ram I can install on my ideapad 310? Thanks


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The CPU is soldered directly to mainboard. It is designed not to be user replaceable.

The RAM, however can be upgraded.

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Hi @gerhardj ,

According to the specifications for an Ideapad 310 the maximum support RAM is 8GB.

If you mean an Ideapad U310 (as that is what this particular webpage is about) the specifications state 4GB of RAM

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chack out this post.

Upgrade is possible, but read the post first

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