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iPhone X screen price

Where is everyone purchasing their iPhone X screen assemblies from? I know they are typically well over $300 but I am now seeing some claiming to be OLED for under $300. Has the price come down? Also, what is everyone charging for the screen repair?

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When you decide to buy an screen replacement, you should notice that there are different kinds of display in the market: AMOLED, OLED, LCD, original, non-original… They are not the same in physical property, functions and price. And this is how we can distinguish the quality of iphone x screens.

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When it comes to replacement parts, you get what you pay for 99.9% of the time. You could buy an iPhone X replacement screen for 150-ish USD and it will probably last more-or-less about a month. If you were to buy a replacement screen here from iFixit for 350+ USD the screen will probably last around 10+ years or so and it also includes a lifetime warranty.

TL;DR: You get what you pay for pretty much 99.9% of the time.

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Update (09/30/2018)

For the repair price it is the same scenario as the part cost, you get what you pay for. You only want to hire reputable people to do the repair because if you were to hire a non-reputable person to do the repair things might be inaccurately done or worse, data loss.

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If Apple is only charging $280 for this repair, then how can anyone compete.


Ahh, OK. If you would have told us about Apple now offering screen replacements at 280$ then I would have probably answered this differently. Honestly if that is true then that absolutely blows me away. Apple discounting screen replacement costs? Thats unreal. I really don't know why Apple would do such a thing


It is quite smart that apple is doing it. This repair still gives them $280, and they can get their screens in bulk from Samsung - their supplier meaning they can get their screens cheaper, meaning they can afford to charge less for it. This means that anyone who wants a screen replacement will go through apple, and will not go to 3rd party repair shops. However, if the screen is broken, then the back will probably also be broken, meaning that they will be able to charge exorbitantly in that area instead. It is a very clever business move on their behalf, but is not as favourable to the consumer as they make it look.


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