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My phone is not recognizing my sim

Hi all,

My iPhone 6 is not reading my new sim. I put this sim in an iPhone 5s and it is working. Additionally, I know that my iPhone 6 is unlocked because I have used it in other countries using their SIM cards without any problem. The phone is reading an old sim I have from the UK but not my new sim. I have tried restarting my phone, a hard reset, resetting network settings and resetting factory settings. What else can I do? It doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue as it is reading the old sim?

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Exactly, it’s recognizing another sim, but not the one that’s mine. While my sim is working on another iPhone. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with the phone or the sim. :/


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The SIM golden contacts look good? if not give them a swab with IPA and a Q-Tip, I’ve known this to cause SIM related problems, but if it is working completely fine in another phone then this might not solve it.

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