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want to upgrade RAM and need advice

I want to upgrade my RAM memory from 2X4 gb to 2X8 gb, and was told some motherboards cam have problems with new memory cards.

i have :

haswell 1150 h97m-hd3 h97 gigabyte motherboard


kvr kingston 2X4 gb ddr3 1600mhz memory,

want to upgrade to :

hyperX fury 2X8 gb ddr3L 1600 mhz cl10 kit

are the parts compatible ? will i have problems ?

appreciate the help :)

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So the motherboard you have can take up to 16 GB total 1333 MHz, 1600MHz Ddr3 sdram. If you upgrade the Kingston 2x4gb with the hyperX fury 2x8gb 1600 MHz ddr3, that will still function with your board.

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so there shouldn't be a problem. awesome thanks


Correct! DDR3 and DDR3L RAM modules are compatible with each other within an older DDR3 system. It's only a newer DDRL based system which you can not use the older RAM module.


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