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iPhone 6 Plus Problem When Restore Itunes

Hi I got an IP6Plus came in to me for fixing bootlooping issue.

  1. Try connect itunes, but the phone could not recognised itunes
  2. Check charging voltage and current (normal)
  3. Reball tigris chip
  4. Its finally recognised itunes !
  5. run restoring on itunes
  6. but while “restoring iphone” the device stuck at apple logo (not bootlooping)

Block Image

(This is the image of the device while restoring itunes)

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Have you tried replacing Tristar? That can also be causing issues with restoring / connection during restore.

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ouh really ? Not yet tried with tristar. Okay sir i'll try to changed tristar


Hey guess what. I changed a new TRISTAR and boom the phone went well after restore ! Thnx to you sir !!


Ouh noo. Sir it did booted up normally after restoring. But when i assemble all the parts together the phone keep boot looping on apple logo :(


Try without the home button and front camera, they may be causing the phone to bootloop if either are faulty.

Is this a liquid damaged phone by any chance? I would check for corroded pins near the front camera and home button connectors if it is.


No this is not a liquid damaged phone. Customer said that the phone bootlooping after falling.

But how am I gonna restore without home button ? As I know the phone need to press/hold home button in order to get the DFU mode. There is any other way to get into the DFU mode without home button ?


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