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iPhone 7 Plus error 4014 (Water Damaged)

Hi i got an IP7Plus came in to me for water damaged repair.

  1. Cleaning motherboard (ultrasonic cleaning)
  2. test with DCPS , found short on VCC_Main (C5625_RF)
  3. After removed short, phone only goes to 0.08amp (DCPS)
  4. I check the charging voltage (showing 1.71V / 0.07amp)
  5. Changed tristar and the charging goes back to normal (4v / 0.42amp)
  6. But the device still not boot up
  7. Try to restore iTunes (Showing error 4014)
  8. Probe around the board and found short on PP_1V0_SMPS5 lines
  9. after removed BBPMU_RF, the PP_1V0_SMPS5 lines still shorted to ground.
  10. I suspected that the BB_RF is the cause of these were shorted to ground

So my question is.. BB_RF can be replaced or cannot be replaced ?


I removed the BB_RF, and checked the PP_1V0_SMPS5 lines. The chip itself are shorted to ground and the board are fine, only the chip is shorted. I’ve heard some people said if the chip itself are shorted, the device is unrepairable. Is it true ?

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Hello Azim. First of all, congratulations on your excellent troubleshooting. That is quite a step up from a few months ago where you were swapping IC’s without having any real information to base it on. That’s a great progression!!

You are correct, the BB CPU cannot be replaced, although it can be for a one-shot deal in order to recover data; see Jessa’s video that explains this and a shoutout to Rico Cerva for realizing this in the first place. You also have to consider if this is a Qualcomm chipset or an Intel chipset. The Qulacomm chipset is prone to internal shorts.

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Hahaha. Tq sir, I learn a lot from mistakes that i've made a few months ago and I finally got an answer after watching Jessa's video. I also return the phone to the customer and tell him its unrepairable

One last question. What do you mean by "The Qulacomm chipset is prone to internal shorts." ?


There are two versions of the iPhone 7; the 820-00188 and the 820-00189). The 188 has the Qualcomm chipset (BB) and it has a tendency to have internal shorts.


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